Technology Consulting
Specializes in Information Management, e-Business Solutions, Portals, Managed Services and Custom Development for small and medium-sized companies. EPOCH Web Design dedicated consulting group offers integrated IT consulting services. We focus on engineering and IT support outsourcing services and help companies leverage information technology in the optimum way.
Our IT consultancy services offerings are:
EPOCH Web Design consultants carry out customer project planning and design, and cost estimation. Special attention is paid to the analysis and development of complex IT systems and long-term projects. This involves pre-project analysis and non-stop post-launch development activities including post-production deployment and support. We offer the analyses of information base development to help our customers in their projects, our engineers assist in complex technical problems solving, they discover solutions of the most non-obvious tasks with minimum resources and costs.
  • Solving of complicated technical tasks
  • Solid technical expertise of IT systems
  • Planning and design of customer's project
  • Our consulting engineers offer budgeting and cost estimates
  • Development, evaluation and detailed analyses of products and systems
Producing outsourcing software for many years, we apply our best and proven techniques and practices to help clients organize and manage information technology facilities at their companies, and allocate, control and administer the associated resources and operations.
Our consulting team conducts analysis of clients' infrastructure (and/or software projects individually) and render all-round tech assistance allowing to increase their technical productivity and make the technological process more effective.