Billing and Payments
Help you business with smart and powerful billing and invoicing system. Let we handle all paper work and you keep focus on business.
Finance teams can quickly become overwhelmed with multiple revenue streams, one-off and recurring revenue, customized payment terms and project-based billing. The result is often billing errors, wasted effort, revenue recognition issues and even customer attrition.
We can help build software which turns your billing management process into a competitive asset by completely integrating it into your business, helping you reduce billing errors and improve customer satisfaction.
  • Automated email notifications
  • Reduced overhead on billing procedures.
  • No space for billing errors thus ensuring increased customer satisfaction.
  • Customizable system to suit individuals' business requirements.
  • Automated cashier functions to process all points of receipts and payments.
  • Enhanced work efficiency and productivity.
Features :
Reduce paper invoices
Get rid of the paper invoices piling up throughout your company and reduce costs, save time and improve efficiency & accuracy.
Empower your Customers
Enable clients to manage account deliverables on their time. Let them access invoice and payment history, update billing and banking information, review notifications and billing schedules.
Document customization
Offers an array of useful customization features. You can choose your paper format, change the color of your documents and even select what information will be displayed in the invoice, all kind of document customization.
Manage & Track Time
Dynamic user permissions allow your employees and contractors to log billable hours on behalf of a client, allowing you to approve, create and update an invoice in an instant.
Accept Payment Online
Start accepting credit cards from day one. Setup is painless, and clients can pay you right from your invoice - even on their mobile device.
Data backup and restoration
It's easy to keep all your financial data safe with backup feature. Save the database on your local hard drive and access it whenever you need with the certainty that you will not lose a single file.
Adjust to your local tax system
Includes tax data from all configuration state/country. This doesn't mean that you can't set up your own taxes depending on your needs or location. It's all part of our easy to use yet highly adjustable design.
Send your invoices instantly
When you finished editing and configuring your invoices, send them instantly directly from billing software interface via e-mail.
Smart Reporting
Billing software puts your entire document history at just a click away. Moreover, the included filter feature helps you to sort to hundreds of documents in no time.