EPOCH Web Design Technology is a leading Software, Web and Mobile apps development company
With the goal to provide high quality cost effective services to the Internet and IT outsourcing community
Software Development
We are specialized in developing software applications and having strong expertise in java, php, .NET 4.5, WCF, JQuery, CSS3, HTML5 etc. EPOCH Web Design is an experienced development partner to deliver cost-effective and reliable custom software solutions that match your unique requirements
Mobile Apps
Mobile Application experts in all mobile technology including iOS, Android, Windows, Cross Platform, EPOCH Web Design offers extensive hands-on experience in development of incredibly feature-laden mobile applications for iOS, Android and Windows Phone, as well as HTML5 based mobile websites
Software Testing
EPOCH Web Design takes care of tedious Software Testing and QA process for you. Our team of top-tier testers will put your product through multitude of rigorous, purpose built test processes and identify even the most elusive bugs
EPOCH Web Design handle Application management and Infrastructure managementfor you with Continuous Integration, Continuous Deployment, Log Management, Monitoring, Config and Provisioning
Maintenance and Support
We have a team of expert professionals exclusively reserved for outsourced projects that deal with your insights and deliver innovative solutions. We offer 1st, 2nd and 3rd level support services for applications developed by EPOCH Web Design or by any third party vendor.
Result-Driven Software Services
Our services have been designed to bring the results you expect exactly when and where you need them
Agile and Responsive
Our software outsourcing services range from technology consulting and business analysis to QA, application maintenance and solution integration. Our integrated service lines have been shaped by nearly two decades of delivering value to our customers, and are built on a deep understanding of business needs and market trends, along with the technology expertise and software industry best practices.
Mature and Flexible
We are fully equipped to deliver first-class services that result in improved business efficiency, increased ROI cost-effectiveness, risk mitigation for our clients, not to speak of transparency and predictability that are guaranteed by default. We rely on our time-proven processes, tools and techniques to bring the highest level of quality to our growing range of services. At the same time we are highly flexible to meet the needs of various customers from startups and SMBs to Fortune 500 companies.
Complex Solutions Made Easy
From advanced Portals and eCommerce solutions to ERP & BI, we are dedicated to build easy-to-use solutions (no matter how complex they could be) either from scratch or as a combination of out-of-the-box modules for you to reach your business goals the shortest way.
Accelerated business processes through more efficient utilization of corporate information resources
Advanced solutions for customer communication and service, supply chain management, sales automation and other business
Facilitated document-related operations - document capturing, routing, life cycle management, search, etc
Heterogeneous content from diverse sources consolidated into a single centrally consolidated into a single centrally managed repository with accurate data
Rich functionality from finance and human resources management to procurement and order processing to boost
Enterprise-wide reporting, online analytical processing, data mining, benchmarking and business performance management
Service-oriented systems for financial institutions, payment service providers and companies with specific industry needs
Accelerated business processes from account management & marketing campaigns to sales automation & customer service
Technology Excellence and Maturity
We nurture our technology competencies to enhance your business and help you achieve your goals
Reliable Partner, Not Just a Vendor
Since 1998, we've been maintaining a comprehensive technology stack for we know how to efficiently combine legacy and innovation to address your business challenges with the right technology. Our software developers know how to adopt and ramp up emerging programming technologies quickly to execute the most ambitious projects and deliver the right results in terms of efficiency, performance, interoperability, and user experience.
Mature and Flexible
We will guide you through all the technologies and platforms available on the market to find your ideal solution. At the same time we always encourage you to share with us all your technology requirements, wishes and concerns. While our experience and expertise are fully at your service, we do believe that only close collaboration with our customers all the way a project goes can bring tangible results.
  • .NET
  • JAVA
  • PHP
  • Mobile
  • Ruby on Rails
  • C++
Offshore Development
A Dedicated Development Center at Itransition is an efficient way to boost your business with top-quality resources fully attuned to your requirements and business objectives. Your Dedicated Center run by Itransition is literally your doorway to hi-end software developers, infrastructure and advanced methodologies to ensure scalability and flexibility, while maintaining full control and transparency.
Build Trust
Why EPOCH Web Design
Our ultimate goal is to add value to your business. We match our processes to fit your preferences, so you feel comfortable and secure outsourcing work to us. Our project managers and developers act as extensions of your existing organization instead of outsiders to seamlessly blend into your processes while bringing tangible cost savings.
The paramount benefits that customers derive working with EPOCH Web Design are fairly affordable prices for the services and outstanding quality of the products. Our clients benefit from the smart offshore/nearshore delivery model. We staff our project teams with top regional software professionals.
We exercises the activity that guarantees a successful and seamless project run. Our development and management processes are plain but well-tuned for client needs. We address any question, concern or idea coming from the customer's side with apt explanations, friendly discussions and to the point decisions. Because of this shared view, we guarantee fast responses and our availability to discuss your issues through multiple communication channels from diversified time zones.
Our focus on being on-time and within budget has won us our clients trust. Being a reputed software development company, Our belief to serve our clients beyond the contractual boundaries has stood us apart be it our never say die attitude, lending you that extra hand when you need one or burning the midnight oil, we are always there for you. We cover the full software development life cycle from business analysis to quality assurance and deployment and post-launch maintenance. We take full responsibility over the process and give you confidence in the result.
Quick Start
Just Follow 3 Steps

1. Submit your project request using our contact form.

2. We will contact you shortly to clarify your project requirements.

3. We will provide our free non-binding bid or proposal for your review.

A proper development methodology is one of the fundamental preconditions of receiving quality software. Depending on project objectives, complexity level and customer specific requirements we select the most suitable methods to deliver faster and better results. EPOCH Web Design has hands-on experience in working with a variety of established proven methodologies like Scrum, Iterative, WaterFall etc.
From experience we know that creation of a visual prototype of the future solution (GUI, look and feel, real controls and navigation) at the requirements gathering stage is an effective practice. Its purpose is to let the customer the future solution and probably adjust the requirements at the very beginning.
EPOCH Web Design has the capability and proven expertise in managing the complete live cycle of a software or a product. Beginning with requirement gathering, design, development, testing and go-live effort.
We have well establish team having hands on experience worked on various Software Outsourcing Development projects with all leading technologies and platforms, some of which include Java, PHP, .NET, HTML etc.
How We Work
At EPOCH Web Design, we help you meet your strategic, business as well as technology-specific objectives through a hustle free development culture.
Every thing starts with thoughtful Idea. A good and Big Idea will take you to sucessful application development.
Planning includes Identifying Requirement then the Research Work and Plan for Execution.
Once planning is complete we start with the UI and UX design and then Architecture of the application.
On completion of Design work the application goes to development phase where the development team creates the application from the design portfolio.
After development is over the application is put through QA and after successfully testing the application bugs are fixed and final changes are made.
After the application completes the SDLC and clears the acceptance test the product is finally delevered.